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Re: Some progress (Re: Debian setup freezes when trying to remove pcmcia)

> Here's what happens when I boot in right now. When I boot in, ifconfig
> shows eth0 and lo, but no IP address in eth0. After running "dhcpcd eth0"
> ifconfig shows an IP!!! But when I run apt-get update, the thing fails (I
> probably waited too long) and when I ran ifconfig again, eth0 was gone
> completely. Running dhcpcd again didn't help. eth0 was still gone. The trick
> right now seems to be to keep eth0 with an IP address. I need/want to be
> using dhcpcd. That's what has always ran for this RoadRunner connection.

I just wanted to get you guys know that I've been able to confirm this connection
dropping. I booted into Debian. ifconfig gave me eth0 and lo, but no IP. I ran
dhcpcd eth0 and then apt-get update started connecting. I managed to do that
and do a dist-upgrade to get the latest version of stable. Then I tried editing
/etc/apt/sources.list to change it to unstable and by the time I did that, 
the next apt-get update couldn't connect. ifconfig showed that eth0 was gone. I
did get a beef (it was a different kind of beep) after the dist-upgrade and before
the next apt-get update. That must have signaled that the connection was dropped.
Any ideas? Again, in WindowsMillenium, this connection runs fine.

- Bart

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