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Re: ATI Mobility M4

>I just bought an Inspiron 8000.  I cannot get X going.  None of the
>drivers work for it.  Everyone says the Rage128 is the one, but apparently
>is not, unless I'm doing something wrong.  I have tried to upgrade to
>XFree86 4.1.0.  This didn't solve it.  I reinstalled Debian with Woody,
>this did not solve it, neither did 4.1.0 with Woody.

Thank you for the reply.  Maybe you can help me further.  I currenly have the potato Debian, with the Woody xserver install, 4.0.3.  I also installed xserver_rage128 from the Woody install, (if it makes a diffence), but when I go into XF86Setup and click on rage128, it says that the xserver for my card is not installed.  Am I doing something wrong that you can tell.

Please send me your config file.(Noah)

Oh, that reminds me, I have attempted some other config files I have found on the web, they are all called XF86Config-4, but when I type startx, 4.0.3 says it is looking for an XF86Config file, and if I change the name and drop the -4, there are paragraphs in the file that it doesn't like and aborts, so they are obviously different.  Should 4.0.3 look for the config file with -4 at the end, or should I update something else?

Thanks again for all of the help,

Thank you for your help and for any more help that you can give.

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