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Re: Help with mobile phones

On Mon, 6 Aug 2001, Luis Mendes wrote:
> I am about to buy a mobile phone and so far I've been able to narrow
> down my choice to two models: Siemens C35i and Nokia 7110. Both of them
> have an internal modem and an infrared device. Is there anyone out there
> with some experience on the use of these models with a laptop with an
> infrared port under linux (in my case I have an Inspiron 7000 running
> Debian 2.2)?
> A related but more general question: Is there any site dedicated to
> mobile phones and Linux?
> Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,
kstrange you ask, I just played with a friends 7110 the other day.  I
turned on the mobiles IR port and set the modem serial port to
/dev/ircommnew0 and that was it.  Treat it like a normal modem after that,
could you ask for anything easy........you could ask for something faster
though :) 9600bps anyone.... ;)


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