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Re: Trouble with X 4.0.3 on IBM T22 (kernel 2.4.5)

On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 09:24:53AM +1000, Martin Schwenke wrote:
> Other hacks required on my T22 (for now :-) include:
> * Unloading the eepro100 module on suspend, since it won't come back
>   since about kernel version 2.4.6.
> * Turning esd off and unloading the cs46xx module before suspend, to
>   try and increase reliability.
> I can post the hacks I use for these if anyone is interested.

I'll bite. I can't quite get the network up after suspend on my
A20m. It used to work half the time, then I fiddled with it, now I
pretty much never works. Tried fiddling again as I'm tired of doing a
/etc/init.d/networking restart.

But I got the the driver compiled in the kernel.

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