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xfree86 4

Hello all,

I finally convinced myself that I wanted to upgrade past potato.  I had a desktop I did last week and I figured out all my little issues with Xfree 4 (course that was a mach64).  Well I let dist-upgrade chew for a while and once I finally got it finished I added all the stuff for X v4.

I issue a startx and and it goes into a graphics mode.  But the dotted background or cursor doesn't appear.  The xserver starts taking up 97% of the cpu and the keyboard and all stops responding.  I have to ssh into to it to shutdown X.  At that point the HW is pretty much munged and have to reboot to get control back.

I have a sony PCG 505TR, with a neomagic Magicgraph 128 (2048MB).  It has a 10.4" xbrite TFT display.  I had xfree version 3 pretty well tweaked out.



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