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[no subject] Re: 2002 AOL, Inc. 600E No Sound [ANNOUNCE] cpufreqd-1.1-rc1 released apache and mason APM support on laptop Asus L3500D + acpi Asus L3500D acpi atitvout problem Broadcome wireless under Linux! Re: Re: Broadcom NetXtreme Fast Ethernet Broadcom wireless under Linux! business transaction buy laptop changing root shell Compaq Presario Re: Compiling pcmcia-cs to go with a 2.6.0-test5 kernel. Configuring iwconfig? Creating a linux cd bootdisk custom install Debian: debconf perl problem debian en HP compaq nx7000 Debian for AMD Athlon Re: Debian Linux on a Gericom A2 Debian on ACER TM 290 - X screen problem Debian on Compaq Evo N800w detecting which eth0 config [was Re: gdm fails] DETEKTOVAN VIRUS U PORUCI ZA VAS / VIRUS DETECTED IN MAIL FOR YOU Dualhead on laptop Earn more thousand $ monthly Re: enquiry Expect Script Loop issue experiences with ThinkPad X31 FBI Forcing a device to use specific IRQ (pcmcia troubles)? fork: resource temporarily unavailable format of /proc/net/wireless Freeze on PCMCIA insert Re: gdm fails gmd fails Hardware not detected by Debian help help with install Re: how does it all fit together? iwconfig, wlan-ng, hotplug, and pcmcia how does it all fit together? iwconfig, wlan-ng, hotplug, and pcmcia How does Transmeta Crusoe laptop perform on linux? IBM Thinkapad T23 & soundcard problem IBM Thinkpad G40 integrated NIC woes IBM ThinkPad i1161-217 trouble with modem iBook notebook Intel i855gm and TV out irq problems (non-pcmcia) on toshiba KDE 3 /still/ broken - workaround? Re: kernel 2.4.22 and IDE-SCPI: kernel paniks at boot Kernel weirdness Keyboard Rate drops to minimum after standby Laptop hardware not detected my Debian laptop-net and ppp (woody on Dell I8600) Linksys PC card problems linux-wlan-ng problems with kernel 2.6 test7 linux-wlan-ng wep Re: linux-wlan-ng wep [solved] modem up and running but no ping More kernel problems NDAS with debian ? Re: needed: on_ac_power script Networking: DFE-690TXD (RTL8139) & Woody Network Server no sound after susped/hibernation no X on new install No X on new install orinoco wirless card not detected RE: orinoco wirless card not detected (RoamAbout 802.11b card) PCMCIA: Cardbus problem -- lspci fails /!\ Probleme d IRQ en pcmcia /!\ problems with APM Recommendation Wanted: Pentium-M with debian reiserfs vs ext3fs Re: restricting samba access a bit rtf to pdf samba printing screen size and projector Re: screen size and projector - more infos Second hand laptop Self-built kernel problems Sigmatel SigmaTel 9750 sound SiS 305, does anyone know about this video chip? SonyEricsson GC75 and pppd problem sound assistance Sound in kernel 2.6: Lots of "Unknown Symbol" errors Sound problem subscribe Re: swsusp on Debian laptop (kernel 2.4.22) thinkpad 390x ThinkPad R40 & pcmcia Toshiba Satellite 1805-S254 Touchpad scrolling travelmate 240 trouble installing x-window system Trouble with NetGear FA511 NIC TuxMobil News 09/2003 Unidentified subject! unsubscribe unsubscribe urgent world USB Microsoft Laptop Mouse with Intellieye USB wireless adapter auto startup Which Kernel options with Toshiba Satellite 2450? XFree 4.2 on Toshiba 2450 with Woody XFree86 Acceleration YMH0800 (opl3sa2 module) causes laptop freeze The last update was on 11:03 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 342 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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