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Re: experiences with ThinkPad X31

I yust got one yersterday and I'm now trying to install debian on it...
you may have a look at linux31@theshire.org which is a mailling list
deticated for running linux on ibm x31 laptops 
personally I only own mine for a few hours so that i cannot be all that


On Mon, 20 Oct 2003 16:22:44 -0700
Michael Perry <mperry@lnxpowered.org> wrote:

> Hi all-
> I recently went on my laptop journey.  I have a Dell Inspiron I4100
> which has been really great of late.  After a laptop is a year or so
> old, things both work better on Linux with it and things start to
> break.:)
> I had decided to start looking for a replacement for my ultralight
> Latitude LS which now has a motherboard or memory problem and it
> prevents it from running reliably.  So, what I came up with is a dual
> boot system I am purchasing.  One each TP X31.  I like the form factor
> and the prices are pretty good.  I've read the linux laptops pages for
> the laptop and there are some issues with kernels older than 2.4.20 it
> appears with the ide chipset and the wireless card seems to be
> problemmatic with Linux.  What I found was a new deb netinst with a
> 2.4.21 kernel and XFS/reiser support which sounds really good since it
> should be past the problem point.
> Anybody tinkered with one of these little beasties that have some
> personal issues/recommendations/suggestions for me?  I worked a lot on
> IBM ThinkPads in a previous existance and had generally good or bad
> luck with them depending on the model.
> Specifically, I am interested in things around the IDE controller,
> workarounds, wireless connectivity using the miniPCI card, etc.
> Many thanks for your time spent reading this laptop gurus!
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