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Re: Trouble with NetGear FA511 NIC

On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 05:05:43PM +0200, Joseph Fahey wrote:

> I'm having problems getting a NetGear FA511 NIC to work on a ThinkPad
> 600. I am running as testing/unstable, but have compiled my kernel
> from the most recent kernel.org sources (2.4.22).  There have been
> couple of threads on this list of the past couple of years that seem
> to be close to my problem, yet they don't quite answer it.

I'm using the an NetGear FA511 NIC to write you this Email right now.
It's working perfectly here without any hazles. I cannot use the kernel
pcmcia driver because of system freeze as soon as i load yenta_socket.o.
Therefore I have to use the pcmcia drivers from pcmcia-cs. I would
suggest to use them as well. Compile the kernel as well as the pcmcia
modules with 2.95, because i've seen unexplainable kerneloops when
compiling with gcc-3.3.

Just my 2¢

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