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Re: reiserfs vs ext3fs

Am Montag, 6. Oktober 2003 15:45 schrieb Magnus von Koeller:
> On Monday 06 October 2003 14:06, PF wrote:
> > I found no faq or thread about comparing ReiserFS and Ext3FS
> > for use on laptops.
> Well, I always use ReiserFS (out of no particular reason,
> apart from maybe it being in the official kernel sources so
> early). And it works perfectly on my laptop. I never tried
> anything else, though.
Hello *,

you can use xfs. It 's a very fast journaling filesystem. Im 
sorry becouse my english is bad... But xfs is the only one i put 
on my harddisks, it's great ;-). Test it with hdparm and some 
disasters in there you have restore youre filesystem xfs works 
very well...


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