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Re: YMH0800 (opl3sa2 module) causes laptop freeze

Vampie Mann <vampielinuxhelp@yahoo.com> wrote:

>The Yamaha OPL-SA2 is causing system lockup after a
>few seconds of play. there are no errors in
>/proc/interupts or /proc/ioports and the card is on a
>ISA bus so i pnpdump and there is Nothing
>UN-commented, i need help geting this done. i bought
>this laptop for MP3 and WiFi
>it is an Acer Extensa 367D. Linux-Wlan-ng was no
>trouble and the Kernel recompile was simple. damn this

What mp3player do you use?

Some month ago I posted about  trouble playing sound while running
Xwindows with a ESS1869chip on a Siemens Mobile 501. 
Then someone told me that sound works with Mandrake 8.0. I found out
that mdk 8.0 uses a 2.4.3 kernel and an old Xwindows. 
So I installed Xwindows 3.x under sarge and now sound works. 
Perhaps there is also a conflict between the xserver and your

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