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Re: sound assistance

On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 02:12:40PM -0800, Huw Dixon wrote:
> I've got Debian Woody running on an IBM Thinkpad i1721. KDE, Proxim 
> wireless Orinoco, USB - everything finally seems to be tweaked to the working 
> state. I've been fiddling with getting some(any) sound working on it 
> but still no luck. This model is supposed to have the Neomagic sound 
> device. 
> I've seen a couple references that the Yamaha OPL3 drivers work for 
> the NM device. I've got those compiled in as modules but I still dont 
> get any sound. Are there module settings that need to be applied in 
> order for the sound module to work correctly? I havent installed any 
> other sound related utilites other than those that come with KDE. 
> What tools/utilities shoul I install in support of this? 
> Thanks much for any help provided. 
> Huw
I don't know if your neomagic chipset is the same as mine or that they
share the same features.  On my Dell Latitude ls, the sound card is
shared with the video.  I have had issues using the OSS drivers after X
starts since often the X server grabs all the memory for itself.  The
way around this I have found is to start sound in console or before
starting X.

If I started sound while X is running, X would seize up or sound would
just fail to start.

Perhaps this is not the issue with your laptop though.

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