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Re: help with install

Thanks for the response Osamu! Actually, part of my
question was how to enable ns8390 during install. I'm
not getting any options to enable anything with this
image I'm using. It takes parameters at the boot:
prompt, lets me pick my keyboard lang and layout, then
wants to know my nic. Of course, the module fails
because pcmcia isn't enabled; I don't find anywhere to
enable that either. What I have decided to do is to
scrap the net install and dl iso's. May I ask, how
many iso's should I dl in order to get a base system
going such that I can apt-get the balance of the
system once it's running? I certainly thank you for
your time and for your kindness in attempting to help
me out.

Jason Housewright

--- Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 05, 2003 at 12:03:04AM -0700, Jason
> Housewright wrote:
> > I was wondering if I might get some help doing a
> net
> > install on my laptop. My nic is pcmcia...actually
> it's
> > a linksys etherfast pcm100. Under redhat it uses
> > ns8390 pcmcia. I can't get beyond the install
> screen
> > to pick my nic. What do I do? Is there a driver to
> dl,
> > where? how do I use it if i'm doing an install
> with a
> > net image on cd? I am stumped and would really
> > appreciate some help. Thanks in advance...
> Did you enable ns8390? during install?
> Did you go thorugh pcmcia configuration?
> Do you see ns8390 in /etc/modules?
> What is output of lsmod?
> Osamu
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