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trouble installing x-window system


I tried to do a very minimal installation of Debian Woody on a Fujitsu
laptop with an ati rage mobility video adapter. I managed get as far as
booting into debian, but when I tried to install xfree86 my computer
hung during advanced monitor configuration, on the step where you're
supposed to choose the resolutions your monitor will support. (I checked
640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, and left the rest blank.)When I hit "enter"
to move to the next screen nothing happened and I had to reboot. I was
installing from a full 7-cd set. My plan was to install window maker,
synaptic, and mozilla next.

I'm kind of new to Linux, and was excited to get so close to getting
debian to work. (This is my first installation attempt.) 

Any advice is appreciated.

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