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Re: help with install

Am 2003-10-05 00:03:04, schrieb Jason Housewright:
>I was wondering if I might get some help doing a net
>install on my laptop. My nic is pcmcia...actually it's
>a linksys etherfast pcm100. Under redhat it uses
>ns8390 pcmcia. I can't get beyond the install screen
>to pick my nic. What do I do? Is there a driver to dl,
>where? how do I use it if i'm doing an install with a
>net image on cd? I am stumped and would really
>appreciate some help. Thanks in advance...

Hello Jason, 

How do you install your Laptop ?
I am using the bf2.4 Floppys (rescue, root and the 4 drivers). 
After decompressing the Drivers and selecting your desired stuff, 
select 'Configure PCMCIA' manualy... 

It seems, that the Laptop i not correctly detected on some Laptops... 
(At least, it works for the Lion 862, the IBM TP760ED, the Toshiba 
T1950CT and NEC Versa 33/S), which mean, you have the menu automaticly. 

If your PCMCIA Card is in the bay, and you select one of the two PCMCIA
chips, your NIC will be detected automaicly... insmode manualy is not 


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