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Unidentified subject!


I installed Debian 2.4.18-bf2.4 on my compaq presario 1255 laptop, using the 
net install. For the modules I just load the modules from the floppies, but i 
knew my network card module was not listed there. Si I when to the shell. From 
the shell I went to /target/etc/init.d/pcmcia, actually pcmcia is a cript I 
gave the command ./pmcia start. Go to Control-Alt F3, this virtual terminal 
will show the log of what is going on with your network card. If it show that 
is not recognized. Look in the web for the module used by your network card, 
then go to the Pcmcia config file, and enter the information for your card, in 
that file go down and you will see some devices, you should enter your netwrok 
card in the same format and 'bind' to the corresponding module. This config 
file I believe is in /target/etc/pcmcia/config. I would have to check my laptop 
to double check. the after you enter your network card information. go to the 
pcmcia script again, $PATH/pcmcia restart. 
Exit the shell by typing exit and go back to the install menu, in the menu go 
to the network part and see if it recognizes the your network interface. if not 
send a mail with the log information.
good luck
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