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sound assistance

I've got Debian Woody running on an IBM Thinkpad i1721. KDE, Proxim 
wireless Orinoco, USB - everything finally seems to be tweaked to the working 
state. I've been fiddling with getting some(any) sound working on it 
but still no luck. This model is supposed to have the Neomagic sound 
I've seen a couple references that the Yamaha OPL3 drivers work for 
the NM device. I've got those compiled in as modules but I still dont 
get any sound. Are there module settings that need to be applied in 
order for the sound module to work correctly? I havent installed any 
other sound related utilites other than those that come with KDE. 
What tools/utilities shoul I install in support of this? 

Thanks much for any help provided. 


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