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Re: Freeze on PCMCIA insert

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003 23:11:56 -0700
Jeremy Nickurak <atrus@debian.spam.rifetech.com> wrote:

> On Wed, 2003-10-29 at 06:41, Hugo S.Carrer wrote:
> > I own the very same machine (2060cds) and I had a very similar problem when
> > I first tried to install woody on it. My solution was to get and compile
> > the separate pcmcia-cs (outside the kernel) and that made it.
> *.. sniff...sniff...* I love you guys! (it worked perfectly. I can't
> thank you enough.)
> Any other neat tricks/gotchas I should be keeping an eye out for? (I
> don't suppose you know a cheap place to get replacement batteries? :) )

Two things I haven't been able to solve. Suspend to disk: no way no how,
although I haven't tried swsusp! :) And... this one is tricky, If I run on
batteries, and play mp3 or .wav they play very slow, as if the micro was
running slower, even though according to John buzzard's toshiba utilities
it is going full throttle. If you solve these two it would be great.

Godd Luck.

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