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Re: linux-wlan-ng wep

On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 03:25:15PM +0200, Maximilian Pascher wrote:
> please excuse this stupid question, but where the heck do I find the correct 
> config file for linux-wlan-ng to set a wep key?

Not really a stupid question... I think the whole WLAN
system lacks a bit of maturation in the Linux (Debian?)
world, and there are indeed settings all over the place.
Also, I have a suspicion that Debian does things in a
different way than other distributions, rendering lots of
documentation slightly wrong.

Apparently, encryption keys are manipulated with
iwconfig(8), and most iwconfig parameters I have for my card
are defined in /etc/network/interfaces, preceded with
"wireless_". So if I were you, I'd try to add my key for the
appropriate interface as:

iface wlan0 inet dhcp
        wireless_mode managed
        wireless_essid my_network
        wireless_enc 0001-0002-0003-0004

I haven't tried encryption at all yet, so this message is
given to you free of charge and free of warranty, including
that any of it is even remotely true :-)

Do let us know if that works tho!


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