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problems with APM

I have a Compaq Armada 100 and debian, using kernel 2.4.22
I have compiled the kernel using:
Power Management support: Y
Advanced Power Managament Bios Support: Y
Enable PM at boot timer: Y
Make CPU iddle calls when idle: Y
Enable console Blanking using APM: N
RTC stores time in GMT: N
Alloc interrupts during APM BIOS calls: N
Use real mode APM BIOS call to power off: Y
but when I call "apm -d" with the computer on battery
APM BIOS 1.2 (kernel driver 1.16)
AC on-line, no system battery
Using device 0x0a86, 1.16: 1.2
APM Flags =       0x03;  AC Line Status = 0x01
Battery Status = 0xff;  Battery Flags =    0x80
Batery %age=    -1;    Battery Time =     -1, user_mins=0
and it don't power off automatically when you shutdown the
computer "shutdown -h now".

Any help? some time ago (in a previous installation of the
same kernel an linux version) it powered off automatically.


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