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How does Transmeta Crusoe laptop perform on linux?


I've been thinking in "upgrading" my laptop and i've been looking to ECS i-Buddie 530, it's not a regular laptop, it's what they call a desknote. It's a laptop without a battery assembled with regular pc components. To me it's what i need because, i only use my laptop where i can plug it into electricity and network, so no big deal...

What i'd like to know is if the Transmeta Crusoe processor work fine with linux, do i need to apply any patch to the kernel or will it run out of the box. What about the powersavings that transmeta talks about, is it really worth?

The next thing that i wanted to know is about the video card, does anyone have a ECS i-Buddie 530, what video card does it came with? wich are known to work with transmeta? and wich ones are known to work with X using DRI?

Paulo Lopes

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