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Re: Linksys PC card problems

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 08:08:55AM -0400, Brock Jimmy D Contr DODHSR5 wrote:
> Using woody.
> I have a Linksys EhterFast 10/100 + 56K Modem PC Card.

Did you try "discover" package?  Also try to select PCMCIA or PCI
modules during install manuallly from menu if needed.

> It is not being recognized during install (I'm never prompted to
> search for a DHCP server).

Because no network interface was detected.

> When I run ifconfig: there is no eth0
> I checked the Linksys site and did not a specific driver for Linux.

I thought standard kernel support it.

> Any suggestion?

If you have lots of trouble, try other distribution to see it is kernel
problem or not.  Check what modules are used.  Do thye same in debian.

Auto configuration is not strongest in Debian.

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