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Re: Re: custom install

    I had a quick look at the portugese kurumin distro via babelfish.altavista.com but it didn't look particularly useful for a decent debian install. So I successfully followed your suggestion of installing 2.2 on a small partition (overwrote a 2GB FAT partition for transferring stuff from linux to ntfs), and then shifting it to the reiserfs partition.
For the record, my system is:
ECS Elitegroup G732 Laptop
2.66GHz P4, 512MB RAM, Radeon M9000 64MB, 40GB HDD,... with a usb mini-mouse
running kernel 2.6.0-test7 on Debian (woody 3.0r1 stable (mostly)) on reiserfs.
I took the following steps to install Debian:
1. Installed woody with a 2.2 kernel on a 2GB ext2  partition (to avoid the lost sync issue with HD and CD drive).
2. Downloaded and compiled kernel 2.6.0-test7 a few times until I could boot with it satisfactorily.
    Required installing unstable: initscripts, libc6, libc6-dev, libdb1-compat, libdb3, libnss, module-init-tools, modutils, reiserfsprogs, sysvinit and sysv-rc.
3. Formatted the 6.5GB reiserfs partition.
4. Mounted it and just copied everything over with cp -rp (except /proc of course) (careful of /dev, used mc to copy this).
5. Edited /etc/fstab and changed the mount / to point to the reiserfs partition (also changed options to "default").
6. Edited /etc/lilo.conf to change "root=/dev/hda6" to also point to the reiserfs partition, and ran lilo.
7. Booted the 2.6.0-test7 kernel on reiserfs partition, yay! :)
Now I just have to play around with the kernel options and other bits and pieces to get all the extra bits working, i.e. hsp56 mr modem (pctel-0.9.6 needs tweaking to compile under this kernel, some symbols have been moved or dropped), kde3, etc.

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