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Re: Recommendation Wanted: Pentium-M with debian

> I picked up a PCworld magazine on a United flight last saturday
> and in their ranking of laptops the D600 where placed second
> after T40 (IBM). The IBM, however, is far more expensive.
if you are looking for cheap(er) ibm notebooks  as a student have a look at studentline.at (this is for austria but you should be able to ordner from germany as well as far as i have read on the web...or look around for a similiar thing in germany..there has to be something like this since it is basically a service of ibm international...

I cannot say personally how good they are but i ordered a x31 from there and awaiting it to arive..the only problem i have is that the x31 is only offered with intel wlan there but the t40p seems to have an ibm a/b wlan card which should be (at least partly) supported...


Albert Dengg <a_d@gmx.at>

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