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Re: Creating a linux cd bootdisk

On 2003.10.22 08:59, Lukas Ruf wrote:

scp kernel otherbox:remote_kernel
ssh otherbox
dd if=remote_kernel of=/floppy bs=1k

That would be good, if the laptop had a floppy drive to read the newly created boot floppy.

The Bookdisk HOWTO (http://detritus.doc-linux.co.uk/LDP/HOWTO/Bootdisk-HOWTO/index.html) includes a brief discussion on creating bootable CDs. If you follow that process you end up using mkisofs to create an ISO image that will be written verbatim to CD. I would do everything up to that step on the laptop itself so you are using the right files for the laptop but once I had the ISO image I would then transfer it to the machine with the CD writer and put it on CD.

Hope this helps,

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