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Re: Sound problem

Rob wrote:

On Wednesday 22 October 2003 02:03 pm, Jonathan Melhuish wrote:
I'm using the OSS driver on my Debian unstable laptop, which has been
working fine up until now (as root), but when I try to play a local Mp3
with XMMS, it just plays the first sample repeatedly and does not advance.

Kinda short on info about hardware and/or any error messages, but the first thing I would check is some sort of resource conflict. I had a similar thing happen with pcmcia and my laptop's sound card. It turned out to be that they were trying to use the same io port. Forcing specific io's in the config.opts file was the key to fixing it for me.
Good luck.

It works now. If I were more superstitious, I'd say it was sods law (as soon as I post here, it fixes itself), but I'd prefer to think that logically something must have changed. A resource conflict sounds like a good theory, although I only have my PCMCIA network card in, as always. How could I find out if there is (sorry, was!) a resource conflict?

Thanks anyway,


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