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gmd fails

Hi all-

This is my first attempt at installing debian (woody 3.0r1)
and i have been running
into a few problems. I have a Sony VAIO laptop. I managed
to have the base system installed and also included
the gmd package. However when the system boots, the screen flickers
for a while before i get the the message that gmd failed. When i
checked the  status report, i found the following errors. 

Chipset generic found
VGA(0) Driver can't support depth 24
Screens found but none have a usable configuration

Fatal server error
No screens found
I had selected VGA as the video driver(am not 100% sure thats the right
choice) and 24in depth color.

I would dearly appreciate some help. I am not sure what i have to do to
get the x-windows running by default. 


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