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Re: screen size and projector - more infos


do you have the model with the 1400x1050 screen?
if so try to reduce it 1024x768, since most projectors only support
1024x768...it happend to a friend of mine to...
here you can find config file for dual head mode with sepearate screens
so that you can spezify different resolutions (its for a sis630 with tha
same resolution internal and external, but its well documentet and you
should get the idea how to write one...

I hope it is at least of some help


On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 13:02:13 +0200
Martin Wegmann <mailinglist.wegmann@web.de> wrote:

> sorry that I did not specify my model etc. 
> well I am using a T40 IBM, 14" and various projectors (->uni) - I know
> the Fn-F7 function which starts displaying the screen via a projector.
> any more infos needed?
> On Thursday 16 October 2003 17:44, Martin Wegmann wrote:
> > when using a beamer/projector only a small part of my screen is
> > displayed on 
> the wall.
> > It is due to my screen resolution or due to something else?
> > How do I change the displayed (via projector) screen size?
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