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Re: how does it all fit together? iwconfig, wlan-ng, hotplug, and pcmcia

Hotplug will handle cardbus (32 Bit) cards, where as pcmcia jsut handle
16 nit cards. Its a tad confusing at first, until you realise that
cardbus is more or less PCI, and is therefore handled by pci

To make my DLINK DWL-G650 Card work, I had to add to
/etc/pcmcia/config.opts to set up driver loading, and then add to
/etc/network/interfaces to allow hotplug to bring the interface up.

It certainly makes things interesting.



Quoting Daniel (dnh_2002@pobox.com):
>   Where does hotplug fit into this? Is that the recommended way of
> configuring new interfaces or should I stick with adding options in the
> /etc/pcmcia directory? Should I do my changes to
Matt Foster

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