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Re: reiserfs vs ext3fs

    "Magnus" == Magnus von Koeller <magnus@vonkoeller.de> writes:

    Magnus> On Monday 06 October 2003 14:06, PF wrote:
    >> I found no faq or thread about comparing ReiserFS and Ext3FS
    >> for use on laptops.

    Magnus> Well, I always use ReiserFS (out of no particular reason,
    Magnus> apart from maybe it being in the official kernel sources
    Magnus> so early). And it works perfectly on my laptop. I never
    Magnus> tried anything else, though.

Another opinion: I always use ext3 for no particular reason but that
it is compatible with ext2. Performance? Can't say I care, and I
really can't tell that ext3 is any slower than ext2. When I'm on that
airplane I'd rather have battery life than speed anyway (guess I
should be using ext2, huh? ;-)

I can say that ext3 is super reliable - I've had a 2.4.18 686 (Woody)
kernel with all but root fs using ext3 up for over 370 days now as a
work group CVS/web/jitterbug server.


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