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atitvout problem

Having updated my Dell Latitude CPx to testing last night, in order to
get OpenOffice 1.1, everything seemed fine until I attempted to use
atitvout this morning - in front of a roomful of students - to use the
CRT out as well as the builtin screen.

It would seem that I have encountered a known problem (as in the
archive at

The suggested solution back in May was to install the ati.2 drivers
from gatos.sf.net. 

Unfortunately a) their web site doesn't seem to have a version for
XFree 4.2.1 which is the version in testing and b) I'd rather not mess
around installing xfree drivers from tgz files if I can avoid it.

So, does anyone know of a Debian solution to this problem (i.e. a
solution involving .debs)?

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