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No X on new install

Anders wrote:
> Depends on whether the problem is installing the proper
> packages or getting it to run when you are sure you have
> everything you need.

Yup! That's my first issue. The machine is a Compaq Presario 700US on which I did an ftp install from debian.org using the idepci floppy set.

I was a little surprised that the online installation guide doesn't take you through X-setup, I'd have thought that deserves a chapter all its own. Oh well....

During package download, I simply used tasksel, and selected just about everything except the "Jr." package, Fortran, and the server stuff; which I skipped. I went through the various configuration dialogs (network, etc.) but there was nothing about X.

Now that the machine's booted, I can find the various X11 directories, and they're mostly populated, but one thing I have not found is the X server itself. Where's the executable? What's its name? I wonder if I missed a package...?

...thanks for any thoughts...
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