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Re: USB wireless adapter auto startup

According to BenLau,
> Hi all!
>   I recently got a USB wireless adapter( GW-US11H) . It required a
> patched version of linux-wlan-ng. I have patched the source and install
> it  After I added the configuration of wlan0 to /etc/network/interfaces
> , and then I can use "ifup wlan0" to start up the device and gain IP
> through DHCP successfully. However , I would like the device can start
> up autoamatically. How can I make debian be able to do so?
> Thanks for any help!
> p.s that is my /etc/network/interfaces
> iface wlan0 inet dhcp
>         wireless_mode managed
>         wireless_nick mylaptop
>         wireless_enc off
>         wireless_channel 1

in /etc/network/interfaces, change 
  auto lo
  auto lo wlan0

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