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Re: help with install

On Sun, Oct 05, 2003 at 03:24:50AM -0700, Jason Housewright wrote:
> Thanks for the response Osamu! Actually, part of my
> question was how to enable ns8390 during install. I'm
> not getting any options to enable anything with this
> image I'm using. It takes parameters at the boot:
> prompt, lets me pick my keyboard lang and layout, then
> wants to know my nic. Of course, the module fails
> because pcmcia isn't enabled; I don't find anywhere to
> enable that either. What I have decided to do is to
> scrap the net install and dl iso's. May I ask, how
> many iso's should I dl in order to get a base system
> going such that I can apt-get the balance of the
> system once it's running? I certainly thank you for
> your time and for your kindness in attempting to help
> me out.

Maybe go to console and edit /etc/modules like:



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