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Re: how does it all fit together? iwconfig, wlan-ng, hotplug, and pcmcia

On Sat, Oct 04, 2003 at 01:22:34AM -0400, Daniel wrote:
> I've been away from debian for a little while and am having a hard time
> coming to terms with my wlan card. 
> I'm running the stock 2.4.21-5-i686 kernel on a Dell Inspiron. 
> I insert my Wlan card (Nortel/Symbol e-mobility), and the cardmgr loads
> the orinoco and orinoco_cs modules and autoconfigures the interface with
> pump. 
> I've set up a pcmcia scheme to configure ESSID, WEP key etc.
> The problems/questions:
>   Kismet is broken. Also most iwconfig commands except for ESSID and
> key. I think I need to install wlan-ng. I gather this is different from
> the existing drivers. Is there a stock kernel with this support enabled
> or do I need to roll my own? Or can I get away with just downloading the
> linux-wlan-ng debs?

You will need to patch your orinoco drivers for monitor mode
support(kismet needs this).  Since there is no debian package for this
that I know of you will need to compile your kernel yourself... Get the
source for whichever kernel you want to run, then do:

$ head -n1 [kernel source dir]/drivers/net/wireless/orinoco_cs.c

That will give you the version of the orinoco driver. Then you get the
appropriate .diff file from:
and(from the same directory as orinoco_cs.c), do patch -p1 <

Or, if you really don't want to compile a new kernel you can find links
to the standalone orinoco drivers on that same page(these are the same
drivers as the in-kernel ones), and simply patch/build/install those...


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