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Re: reiserfs vs ext3fs


There was a thread earlier on this list named "No fsck in battery mode".
There's explained why you shouldn't stop regular fs-checks even if you
use a journaling-FS.

Hope this helps,

Am Mon, den 06.10.2003 schrieb PF um 14:06:
> Hi,
>     I found no faq or thread about comparing ReiserFS and Ext3FS for use on
> laptops.
> Can someone tell me her/his impressions? I'd like to install a Debian 3.1 on
> a HP Omnibook and I wish using journaled fs principally to avoid fschk's...
> Many thanks
> ----
> I apologize for using this f***ing M$ e-mail client. Waiting for a Debian
> install... ;-)

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