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Re: swsusp on Debian laptop (kernel 2.4.22)

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 21:28, Cesar Rincon wrote:
> Ipsissima verba Micha Feigin:
> > I would suggest going switching to kernel 2.4.22 and swsusp 1.1-rc9
> > (rc10 should probably be out soon as rc9D was introduced on the
> > mailing list and Nigel was given some grant money to finish swsusp
> > for 2.4 kernels and start moving the 2.6 version). Its much more
> > stable and more advanced.
> I'll do that, as soon as I have time to spare.  Thanks for the tip.
> > If you are not doing so already, try using the suspend script in the
> > site, make sure to configure the script first to do all the things I
> > mentioned.
> I'm using it.  I think the problem is that some module is not getting
> unloaded before the memory dump.  Stopping services manually seems to
> do it right.  I've never really look seriously into it, because I
> don't use it much: the long suspend/resume time is really the big
> issue for me.

For me the suspend/resume are both faster then turning off/restarting.
The trick was to minimize the things I disable on suspend. I haven't
tested the memory compression yet, it can help if your cpu is fast
enough with respect to you disk.
usb seems to be enough (remember to stop gpm first if its running a usb
mouse). I don't have any pcmcia cards or scsi which are are the main two
other things that have trouble suspending.
The longest thing to suspend is alsa, takes quite some time to stop so I
don't stop it. It doesn't function on startup, but starting xmms after
resume fixes it if I want to re-enable the sound (rare). When I'll have
some time I'll try to see what it actually does.
I'll be happy to hear if it also wakes up some other cards (I have ac97
on-board), could be useful.

> But don't get me wrong, I really like the swsusp idea, and I will give
> it another go soon.  I wish I had the time to help the develpers---
> even if writing code for them is probably far beyond my current
> abilities :-)  I just doesn't feel right to sit and complain about it.

Actually, if you want to help, just running swsusp and reporting
problems helps quite a lot. The project needs the qa at the moment.
You can join the mailing list to get information on how to extract the
data for reporting problems.
Replies are quite fast. Nigel (the main developer and project
originator) usually replies in less then a day to most stuff, and most
other people are also quite helpful.

> I think it's a really neat project.
> > Make sure that you go to the download page on the site to see the
> > current latest version.
> > If you need more help, tell me.
> Thanks again.
>  -CR
> -- 
> Ceterum censeo: SCO delenda est.
Micha Feigin

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