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Re: Recommendation Wanted: Pentium-M with debian

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Es Dissabte 04 Octubre 2003 16:09, en Reinhard Tartler va escriure:
> Let me introduce myself, as i'm new on this list: I'm a student of
> computer science from Erlangen, Germany, and I am going to buy a new
> Notebook with an Pentium-M. I wanted to ask you which one you would
> recommend.
You have choosen the right processor.  Battery lasts more than previous, it's 
powerfull (mine's 1,3Ghz but is far faster than my "old" P3-M-1,2Ghz), and 
works very cold.

> I know that most WLAN onboard chips won't work, but that's
> ok, because i will use an cardbus card instead.
All Centrino computers have:
1. Pentium-M
2. Chipset intel 855
3. Wireless from Intel (no driver for linux afaik)

> I looked at IBM Thinkpad R40 Notebooks as well als Dell's Latitude
> D400 and D500 notebooks. Both look promising. I've read many
> controversial reports on the R40, most of them are complaining about not
> working suspend features. Could you please comment on this?
Mine's cheap, robust and linux friendly: Acer Travelmate 290.  You can read 
more info in a web page I've posted my experiences about linux & TM290:


Hope that helps  ;)

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