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experiences with ThinkPad X31

Hi all-

I recently went on my laptop journey.  I have a Dell Inspiron I4100
which has been really great of late.  After a laptop is a year or so
old, things both work better on Linux with it and things start to break.

I had decided to start looking for a replacement for my ultralight
Latitude LS which now has a motherboard or memory problem and it
prevents it from running reliably.  So, what I came up with is a dual
boot system I am purchasing.  One each TP X31.  I like the form factor
and the prices are pretty good.  I've read the linux laptops pages for
the laptop and there are some issues with kernels older than 2.4.20 it
appears with the ide chipset and the wireless card seems to be
problemmatic with Linux.  What I found was a new deb netinst with a
2.4.21 kernel and XFS/reiser support which sounds really good since it
should be past the problem point.

Anybody tinkered with one of these little beasties that have some
personal issues/recommendations/suggestions for me?  I worked a lot on
IBM ThinkPads in a previous existance and had generally good or bad luck
with them depending on the model.

Specifically, I am interested in things around the IDE controller,
workarounds, wireless connectivity using the miniPCI card, etc.

Many thanks for your time spent reading this laptop gurus!

Michael Perry | do or do not. There is no try. -Master Yoda
mperry@lnxpowered.org | http://www.lnxpowered.org

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