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Re: gdm fails

Hi all-
 > > 
 > > ----
 > > Chipset generic found
 > > VGA(0) Driver can't support depth 24
 > > Screens found but none have a usable configuration
 > > 
 > > Fatal server error
 > > No screens found
 > > ----
 > > I had selected VGA as the video driver(am not 100% sure thats the right
 > > choice) and 24in depth color.
 > I'm past your problem, and am still in the process of getting everything
 > I want set up properly on a Sony Vaio PCG-R505EL.
 > I tried woody, but eventually, for some reason I can't recall, but I
 > think it might have been to get X windows working properly, I moved to
 > Sid/unstable.  You might want to try unstable.  Also, as someone else
 > pointed out, it may be the 24bit that is causing the problem.  You might
 > want to try 16 bit, not 24.  I know I tried that at some point.

As Jaume suggested in an earlier email, i tried reconfiguring the
xserver--after playing around with some of the drivers, i used the vesa driver(though my
video card is actua
lly ATI Tech-Radeon) with 24dpi and a high monitor resolution as the
default(though the manufacturer puts my monitors at 1024x768--i
found that using this resolution created a wide black border) i was able to
get gnome to work. I read in some website that Radeon is only supported by
Xfree86-4.3 and onwards, mine is Xfree86-4.1. Has anybody dealt with
this problem?. If that is indeed the case, can i use apt to upgrade
it or are there other things that have to be taken care of?

The other problem that i'm facing right now is that i can't get my
network connection working. I have a charter cable link at home. Can somebody help me with commands that
can assist in configuring the network?. 

 > In Sid, I currently have X & KDE working fine.  After installing the base
 > Sid, I installed a basic gnome, cause someone suggested I use gdm (did
 > you mean gdm, or gmd?) as the logon window manager.  After that worked, I
 > installed KDE, and set gdm (gnome desktop manager) to choose KDE as the
 > desktop when the user logs in.

Sorry, typo there--i meant gdm. Does Sid refer to the testing or the
unstable debian distribution. 

 > I found gpm (general purpose mouse driver ?) was causing KDE to not start
 > after I added it, so I've had to remove that (other higher priorities,
 > currently, than finding the fix to that) even though I would like it
 > installed.

I experienced the same problem while trying to get X to run. I am not
sure how to fix it. 


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