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Hardware not detected by Debian


I have recently installed Debian/Linux version 3.0.23 on my Dell Inspirion
laptop (along with WindowsXP).

So far I have had limited success: the kernel and utilities run, but I
believe a lot of hardware was not detected: can't use modem, graphics card, usb floppy, and just about
everything on the PCI bus.
(the CDROM (and HD) drive was detected and seems fine)

I am not sure what is the best next step from here to solve this problem?

Meanwhile, I am trying to sort out the modem (I need it to download updates).
This modem appears to be interfacing with the PCI bus, so I did a PCI scan
by running "lspci -vvx" and this is the info I got back (only showing for
the modem):

00:1f:6  Modem: Intel Corp. : Unknown device 24c6 (rev 01) (prog-if 00
              Subsystem : Broadcom Corporation: Unknow device 4d64
              Control: I/O+
                Status: Cap+ 66Mhz- UDF
                Latency : 0
                Interrupt : pin 8 routed to IRQ11
                Region 0: I/O ports at b400
                Region 1: I/O ports at bo80
                Capabilities: [50] Power management version 2
                        Flag: PMECLK
                           Status : D0 PME- Enable
00: 86 80 ................
10: 01 b4 ............
20: 00 00 ......
30: 00 00 .............

I perhaps should add that all the other devices on the PCI bus are also
"Unknown devices"
including my NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200Go graphics card, firewire, etc.

What are my options at this point to get the modem going?

Thanks a lot in advance

Jorge Castro

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