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USB Microsoft Laptop Mouse with Intellieye

HI all-

I am definitely no guru when it comes to usb devices; but I have a 60g
pocketec usb 2.0 drive working pretty well now to hold tunes/data files.
My latest attempt is with one of the smallish USB laptop mice that MS
makes.  This is only a usb device.  I have hotplug and usbutils
installed and the device gets id'ed after I insert the input stuff as
well as usb HID.  According to some help I have read, with the mouse
plugged in if I do a "cat /dev/input/mice" and move the mouse around I
should see some characters on the screen.  The cat opens /dev/input/mice
but I cannot seem to get the mouse working whatsoever.  I think I have
all the pieces working together.

Anyone got one of these mices working on Debian unstable running a
2.4.21 kernel on a Dell Inspiron I4100?  The mouse is a great form
factor size for traveling or whatever.  I just got my keyboard and
trackpad fixed by Dell since it started having "drifting" problems so I
wanted to find something tiny-ish which would work.


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