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Re: Re: Broadcom NetXtreme Fast Ethernet

> Hi
> Anybody knows which module should I use to set up
> "Broadcom NetXtreme Fast Ethernet".


this NIC-module is not included in Knoppix. You have to
build it yourself. The module is called 'bcm5700' . Let me
think where I found it .,.. http://www.broadcom.com.
You can either patch Your kernel-source to include that
NIC or build it stand-alone.

add 'bcm5700' to your /etc/modules file and call
update-modules afterwards - I think that will do.


hello robert,

i've got the same problem with the same hardware/system.
i produced the file 'bcm5700.o', then as far as you described i did
everything, but when i called update-modules there came an error about the
file 'gamma.o' (sorry, i did not copy that). so, i dropped the 'gamma.o'
file in another directory, called update-modules again - everything seemed
to be fine (no error message returned).
but on the next system-restart i got a loop of 'error in line xxx
because i'm a linux-beginner i dont knew something better than reinstalling
my knoppix and try again...
if you please could give me a hint, whats the problem?

thank you, andi

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