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Re: orinoco wirless card not detected

Hi Michael,

Thanks very much for the detailed reply. We have very
similar systems, so it looks like the only thing
standing between me and a working system is my
ignorance. I use an Orinoco Gold card and the RG1000
(it has a built-in dial-up modem which I use because I
live in a remote town in New Mexico where cable is a
distant dream). I tried reinstalling Debian Woody
using the 2.4.18 kernel, and also chose the orinoco
and hermes drivers and pcmcia modules during the
"configure device drive modules" part of the
installation. (I wasn't able to find the hermes.conf
file.)But after rebooting and doing a "modprobe eth1"
the card still isn't detected. I noticed you are
running sid. Could it be that woody just has problems
with wireless setups?

Thanks again for the advice,

--- Michael Perry <mperry@lnxpowered.org> wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 25, 2003 at 10:24:07PM -0700, Tim Folger
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I just installed Debian Woody on a Fujutisu
> notebook,
> > with KDE 2.2 as the window manager. I'd like to
> set up
> > wireless networking, but Debian doesn't seem to
> detect
> > my orinoco card. I've installed wireless tools,
> > korinoco, discover, and synaptic, but not much
> else
> > besides KDE. When I issue the "modprobe eth1"
> command
> > the card isn't found. I'm very new to Linux (still
> > can't believe I managed to install Debian) and
> would
> > appreciate any advice. 
> > 
> > Tim
> > 
> Hi Tim-
> I am using one right now.  I have a Orinoco Gold
> 11mb card and an RG1100
> that I use here.  I don't know that you have
> compiled or have the
> necessary kernel modules.  When I insert my orinoco
> gold card in my
> debian unstable laptop, the following modules are
> autoloaded for me:
> orinoco_cs              4756   1 
> orinoco                35060   0  [orinoco_cs]
> hermes                  5988   0  [orinoco_cs
> orinoco]
> I also use dhcpcd to get an address.  My approach is
> to build a new
> kernel either using make-kpkg or doing a regular
> linux kernel compile.  I
> elect to use the orinoco drivers and the hermes
> interface.  These can be
> found in Network Device Support -> Wireless LAN
> (non-hamradio) and then
> elect to use Hermes chipset and the Hermes PCMCIA
> card support.  There
> is one additional file called hermes.conf which I
> always get which is a
> list of the key bindings for the orinoco_cs drivers.
>  My last step is to
> edit the /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts file and add
> whatever stuff I need
> like my WEP key, ESSID, etc.  You can also edit
> /etc/pcmcia/network.opts
> and tell the interface to use dhcpcd if you have a
> dhcp server or if
> your wireless AP does that for you.
> If you need a level of detail around how all this
> works, definitely take
> a look at this site:
> Jean presents the information in a very structured
> way and he goes
> through the cards, the drivers, how to use things
> like iwconfig, etc.
> Since you don't mention compiling a kernel, I will
> assume you are using
> the default kernel from the installation.  If so, I
> am unsure whether
> that kernel has the modularized or compiled in
> orinoco_cs drivers.
> Take care.
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