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Re: gmd fails

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 14:42:24 -0500, "Aswin Venkat"
<venkat@bevo.che.wisc.edu> said:
> This is my first attempt at installing debian (woody 3.0r1)
> and i have been running
> into a few problems. I have a Sony VAIO laptop. I managed
> to have the base system installed and also included
> the gmd package. However when the system boots, the screen flickers
> for a while before i get the the message that gmd failed. When i
> checked the  status report, i found the following errors. 
> ----
> Chipset generic found
> VGA(0) Driver can't support depth 24
> Screens found but none have a usable configuration
> Fatal server error
> No screens found
> ----
> I had selected VGA as the video driver(am not 100% sure thats the right
> choice) and 24in depth color.

I'm past your problem, and am still in the process of getting everything
I want set up properly on a Sony Vaio PCG-R505EL.

I tried woody, but eventually, for some reason I can't recall, but I
think it might have been to get X windows working properly, I moved to
Sid/unstable.  You might want to try unstable.  Also, as someone else
pointed out, it may be the 24bit that is causing the problem.  You might
want to try 16 bit, not 24.  I know I tried that at some point.

In Sid, I currently have X & KDE working fine.  After installing the base
Sid, I installed a basic gnome, cause someone suggested I use gdm (did
you mean gdm, or gmd?) as the logon window manager.  After that worked, I
installed KDE, and set gdm (gnome desktop manager) to choose KDE as the
desktop when the user logs in.

I found gpm (general purpose mouse driver ?) was causing KDE to not start
after I added it, so I've had to remove that (other higher priorities,
currently, than finding the fix to that) even though I would like it

Good luck!

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