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Re: Dualhead on laptop


Le 12349ième jour après Epoch,
ripley@8d.com écrivait:

> Anyone get an exernal monitor working as a second screen (not twinview) with 
> geforce2go (or what ever card you have)?  I tried as in the nVidia doc, but 
> without success.

I tried it too, without great success. I've a Dell Latitude C840, with GeForce4
440 Go. It works on the TV out, with a secondary X server, or in DualHead with
the main login (gdm) on TV, or on the CRT as duplicate of the TFT.

> If I don't specify "screen 0" or "screen 1" in the Device 
> section, the second monitor don't receive signal.

Try to "boot" the card (probably booting the machine) with the secondary screen
plugged. It works sometimes.

Check if you must use <Fn>+<whatever> keys to enable the second monitor.

>  If I specify it, the 
> laptop freeze :o(

With sending some infos ? And powering the second monitor ?


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