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Re: help with install

--- Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de>
> Am 2003-10-05 00:03:04, schrieb Jason Housewright:
> >I was wondering if I might get some help doing a
> net
> >install on my laptop. My nic is pcmcia...actually
> it's
> >a linksys etherfast pcm100. Under redhat it uses
> >ns8390 pcmcia. I can't get beyond the install
> screen
> >to pick my nic. What do I do? Is there a driver to
> dl,
> >where? how do I use it if i'm doing an install with
> a
> >net image on cd? I am stumped and would really
> >appreciate some help. Thanks in advance...
> Hello Jason, 
> How do you install your Laptop ?
> I am using the bf2.4 Floppys (rescue, root and the 4
> drivers). 
> After decompressing the Drivers and selecting your
> desired stuff, 
> select 'Configure PCMCIA' manualy... 
> It seems, that the Laptop i not correctly detected
> on some Laptops... 
> (At least, it works for the Lion 862, the IBM
> TP760ED, the Toshiba 
> T1950CT and NEC Versa 33/S), which mean, you have
> the menu automaticly. 
> If your PCMCIA Card is in the bay, and you select
> one of the two PCMCIA
> chips, your NIC will be detected automaicly...
> insmode manualy is not 
> needed. 
> Greetings
> Michell
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Thanks for your response and pointing out the
floppies. I was tring to do the net install with a CD.
Then I decided to do a full iso dl (with jigdo), then
that cd wouldn't boot...I think I'm going to go get
the floppies...;-) Thanks for the pointers on the
pcmcia/NIC. Here goes another attempt...

Thank you,

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