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custom install

    I have an ECS g732 laptop, that I want to install debian on. I have tried installs using the official cds, a jigdo cd and a knoppix cd and each time I run into the following problem...
An install with a 2.2.x kernel works fine but I would like to use reiserfs and 2.2.x doesn't support this (only has ext2 which can't be converted to reiserfs later).
An install with a 2.4.x kernel fails with "lost sync" on the hard drive and cd drive before reaching the language selection screen (I have heard elsewhere that this is specific to 2.4.x kernels, not 2.2.x or 2.5.x).
I've been waiting for an install disc using the 2.6.0 kernel to be created but I'm impatient and the 6.5GB and 1GB partitions for linux are sitting unused.
What I would like is to add a custom (perhaps 2.6.0) kernel to my jigdo install cd. I have an old desktop with debian installed to compile the custom kernel and software to add/remove files from an iso image.
Has anyone done something similar before and have details on how to go about doing this?
Alternatively, does someone have a small 2.5.x or 2.6.0 kernel install cd so that I can format the partition and install that base kernel on it and install the rest of debian from my other cds?

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