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Re: Second hand laptop

Hi! Thanks for all the reply. I have googled for a
laptop. I read an IBM thinkpad has the most standard
components,is this true? Would you recommend this
--- yves@naryves.com <debian.anti-spam@rutschle.net>
> On Sat, Oct 18, 2003 at 11:28:17AM +1000, Russell
Coker wrote:
> > Also note that on laptops made before 2000 most of
the hardware was "ISA".  In 
> > many cases the only way of determining the
hardware settings was through a 
> > Windows utility program.  So you need the
customised version of Windows for 
> > the laptop (almost impossible to obtain) or a
pre-existing Linux installation 
> > if you want to discover the settings.
> One good thing about such old laptops though, is
that if
> they were remotely popular you're bound to find
> resources on the net telling you what those settings
> and even often giving you full config files.
> I have such a laptop, and my XF86Config was entirely
> on the net... 
> /Y

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