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Re: Second hand laptop

* ralph bacolod <rafiks_rb@yahoo.com> [2003 Oct 18 06:48 -0500]:
> Hi! Thanks for all the reply. I have googled for a
> laptop. I read an IBM thinkpad has the most standard
> components,is this true? Would you recommend this
> brand?

One thing about IBM Thinkpads is that spare parts are everywhere.  A
search of Ebay reveals lots of pieces for lots of models.  I purchased a
second hand Thinkpad 390E (model # 2626-E0U) that is supported very
well.  It has a Lucent modem that I compiled the modules for and it
works very well.  The display is a 14.1" LCD with a Neomagic chipset
that just works in Xfree 4.2.x.

I'm very satisfied with it and, yes, I did have to buy another keyboard
assembly for it when the Trackpoint died this past summer.  I have not
used the USB or the IR port, but I don't know why they would be a

The only thing about the 390E itself that I don't like are the speakers.
They are very tiny and the volume and fidelity are quite low.  Plug in a
set of portable speakers and the sound is very good.

It is a slow machine by today's standards, 333 MHz PII, with a 6.4 GiB
hard drive and a maximum of 256 MiB of RAM (mine has 128).  But, it does
what I need it to do as I'm not worried about watching DVD's or movies
on it.  Careful shopping on Ebay these days should get one for less than
$200 US.

- Nate >>

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