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Re: All Debian Sources HTTP-accessible

On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 11:54 +0100, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Hi everybuddy,
> I am wondering if it is possible and useful, to have a website with all
> source packages from our archive extracted and available. This could be
> enhanced by syntax highlighting and other fancy stuff. Possible uses for
> that might be:
>  * As a package maintainer, I want to have a quick look at how
> maintainer X of package Y solved problem Z without having to download
> the complete source package.
>  * As a user/administrator, I want to download the original version of a
> locally modified conffile.
>  * If run on a developer accessible machine: As a DD, I want to run some
> tests/statistics/whatever on our sources.
> Technically, this probably only involves something that detects all
> changes (new packages/new versions/deletions) of source packages in the
> archive and then downloads and extracts this new version and some
> (mod-perl?)-magic that syntax-highlights the files if desired by the
> user.
> No idea yet how big this whole thing will be, but a machine like merkel
> (673G available) should easily host this thing. It is also strong enough
> to do on-the-fly syntax highlighting, I guess.
> Any comments?
> nomeata
> -- 
> Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
>   nomeata@debian.org | ICQ# 74513189 | GPG-Keyid: 4743206C
>   JID: joachimbreitner@amessage.de | http://people.debian.org/~nomeata

I've made use of mirror.ac.uk's 'peek' feature to do most of this for a
long time now.  It isn't debian-specific, and doesn't render syntax
highlighting et al, but it will allow you to look 'within' most
mainstream archive formats (including tar/gz/tgz/deb/rpm)

A random example:

   Gives you a fairly normal directory listing, but following the [peek]
links at the end of each entry sends you to something like:

   Allowing you to  browse the contents of the archive.

Not sure it helps, but (imho) interesting to see something similar in
use already


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